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Residency Research Program Description

The LifeForce Hospitals  offers a three year  residency research  program in the field of oncology. The program is multi-institutional and enjoys the combined resources of five major medical centers (including two major University Hospitals). Each institution is a valuable asset to the center and provides the residents with the broadest clinical experience possible, ranging from primary to tertiary care. The affiliation of the LifeForce Hospitals, in particular, offer residents a unique opportunity with exposure to the resources of two major urban medical centers and training in three countries.

Oncology is a rapidly changing field in both the clinical and laboratory settings. LifeForce Hospital  program strives to produce "physician-scientists" who have the ability to recognize and integrate the latest advances in medicine in ways which
promote the care of their patients. The LifeForce Hospitals  provides the training required for future oncologists to realize their full potential and become leaders in their field.

The initial clinical years of the program expose residents to all aspects of oncology. The broad nature of the program is designed to train residents as "oncologists with options in treatment". Clinical experience is integrated with didactic lectures, case discussions and seminars. The LifeForce Hospital  faculty is committed to excellence in resident training and education.

Residency concludes with a year of research. The research year offers residents the opportunity to develop investigative skills. The department is home to a number of scientific laboratories exploring a spectrum of important issues ranging from cell cycle control to gene therapy. As a result, a wide array of exciting opportunities are available to those seeking a career in academic medicine.


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