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                 AMYLOXINE® Treatment

                               How Do I Know If I Need Treatment?

If you are from this planet you probably need it! However, AMYLOXINE® protocol is most likely imperative if you are short of breath, have chest pain, leg pain while walking, transient or progressive loss of vision or memory, paralysis, poor circulation, gangrene, diabetes, or any disease for that matter. For all of these symptoms or conditions, and even if you have had by-pass surgery and would like to avoid one, two, or three more death-defying leaps into the operating room, you need to see us. We use AMYLOXINE® daily in patients for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Every cell and every artery in the body is safely benefited, while in by-pass surgery less than one inch of an artery is removed at mortal risk. By-pass surgery is usually more than $40,000.00, does nothing for the rest of your body and does not extend your life. Detoxification and improved circulatory function and cell respiration can be improved in as little as two to three days of treatment and a 30 day oral program.
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