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1. Slide 101 - 400x - Small artery

Here a small artery has been cut in cross section. There is an obvious tunica media
of circularly-arranged smooth muscle and a lining of endothelial cells.

The tunica intima is thrown into undulations because the pressure that kept the
artery distended is gone. Note how the internal elastic lamina (E) is wrinkled.
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2. Slide 101 - 400x - Small Artery and vein xs

Here is the cross section of another small artery on the left and a vein on the right.

See how the wall of the artery is thicker mainly because of the thicker tunica media
(smooth muscle).
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3. Slide 101 - 400x - Small Artery and vein ls

Here the artery is cut along its length so that we see the cut ends of the smooth
muscle (S) fibers in the tunica media.

The endothelial cell nuclei are visible lining the vessels.
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4. Slide 99 - 400x - Small muscular arteries

Here are two small arteries in cross section. See how the smooth muscle fibers wrap
around the artery forming the tunica media?
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5. Slide 2 - 400x - In the pancreas

There is a vein (V), lymphatic (L) and two branches of a small artery (A) here.

The other tubular structure is a duct (D).
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6. Slide 6 - 400x - Small artery

Here the small artery has been cut in cross section (X) and tangentially (T).

See how the nuclei of the smooth muscle fibers are wrapped around the curving
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7. Slide 29 - 250x - Small Artery tangential cut

The plane of section cut along the length of this artery to the left and then passed
out through the wall to the right.

See how the smooth muscle looks in longitudinal section (L) and in a tangential cut

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8. Slide 2 - 400x - Small Artery

Another cut through a small artery where the plane of section was a cross section
(X), longitudinal section (L) and a tangential section (T) all in the same artery.

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