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Oat Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma of the

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A typical lesion presents as a translucent
telangiectatic papule or nodule occurring on a
sun-exposed surface. The nose is a frequent site of
involvement. Note the slight translucency and blush
of this lesion.

Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma of the
Nasolabial Fold

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The nasolabial fold is another typical site for this
tumor. The lesion here is surmounted by a crust
which needs to be removed to see the typical
features. When the tumor occurs near a natural fold,
it can usually be excised with good cosmetic results.

Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma of the

BCC-under-ear-crust-sml.gif (19198 bytes)
Here is another crusted lesion on a sun-exposed
surface of the ear. Removal of the crust will reveal
the trasnslucent tumor. Excision of this lesion
should be accomplished by microscopically
controlled surgery to ensure that all of it has been
removed and to allow for the least deforming of
the normal tissue.

Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma of
the Foot

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Basal cell carcinoma may occur on skin
that is not sun exposed, although
involvement of these sites may be unusual.
Although the site is unusual, the tumor has
the appearance of basal cell carcinoma at other sites. The initiating
factor for tumor at other sites is not clear, although trauma is usually

Sclerosing Basal Cell Carcinoma

bce-sclerotic-lip-sml.gif (16740 bytes)

There are some histologic variants which are
important to recognize, this tumor being sclerotic
basal cell carcinoma. Portions of this lesion have
the typical translucent appearance, while other
areas appear similar to scar. The margins of this
tumor are difficult to clinically delineate, making micrographic-controlled
surgery an important option.

Sclerosing Basal Cell

BCC-Sclerotic-sml.gif (19341 bytes)
Here is another example of sclerosing
basal cell carcinoma. Again note that
some areas have character of translucent
nodule while other areas are clearly part
of a scarring process.

Superficial Basal Cell

bcc-superficial-sml.gif (21397 bytes)
Another histologic variation of basal cell
carcinoma is the superficial type. These
lesions usually present on the trunk of
older individuals. Note the surface of
most of the lesion has scale, unlike the typical nodular variety. The edge
of the lesion is often raised and on close inspection has a pearly or
translucent appearance.

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