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High Blood Pressure

One Among Millions

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What happens if you ignore the recommended healthy heart habits? Perhaps nothing. Many people
live long lives without paying much attention to their heart. However, it is more likely that you will
develop some form of heart disease. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of heart disease.
The statistics are staggering. Commonly, people suffer from high blood pressure. Some suffer heart   disease as a result of diabetes. Others develop an arrhythmia, murmur, or irregular heartbeat.
Increasingly, women are becoming the greater percentage of heart disease sufferers.

How do you know if you have heart disease? Consult your doctor. If you don't, eventually your heart will let you know. A heart attack is the heart's way of letting you know that something is seriously wrong. Occasionally, the heart disease is so severe that doctors decide that surgery is necessary.

Hopefully, you'll decide to follow the recommended healthy heart habits. If you do, you won't have to worry much about heart disease. It's a decision worth making.

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