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Ozonides of Terpenes Hydrocarbons (Terpenoids)
Chemistry (Method of Action) Abstract:July 1987

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After studying numerous compounds, ozonides of terpenes hydrocarbons were studied. Terpenes are widespread in nature, mainly in plants as constituents of essential oils. Many terpenes are hydrocarbons, but oxygen-containing compounds such as alcohols, aldehydes or ketones (terpenoids) are also found.  Their building blocks is the hydrocarbon isoprene, CH2=C(CH3)-CH=CH2. Terpene hydrocarbons therefore have molecular formulas (C5H8)n, they are classified according to the number of isoprene units. The ozonized terpenes contain up to 50% oxygen by weight.

AMYLOXINE® was designed to control Metastasis, penetrate tumor cells, and inactivate the protoplasm that goes into the cells and feeds the tumor cells. If the nutritional protoplasm is eliminated, the cancer cell starves to death. AMYLOXINE® has three oxygen atoms replacing the double bonds at sites of unsaturation, creating trioxyacyclopentane. Thereby creating a highly reactive compound, the O3 as such will not be found in the red blood cell since it is not able to pass the cellular membrane. The red blood cell will react to the peroxide immediately for being a cytotoxin, and will activate its detoxification mechanism through the glutathione system. In order to keep up its system protecting the red blood cell against oxidation, the amount of glutathione consumed must be reproduced, which is done through a bypath of glycolysis, i.e. the pentose phosphate path way (PPW). The main task of the pentose phosphate pathway is to protect the hemoglobin against oxidation into methemoglobin and hence to keep up the function enabling the transmission of Oxygen.   In turn, this means that the entire erythrocyte metabolism is stepped up. So that any cells of the tumor will be effectively oxidized and eliminated from the body. This is accomplished with site blocks injections, and IV drip of AMYLOXINE®


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