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There is New Hope for the Future Now

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Our Mission

New hope for sufferers of Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Cardio, all forms of metabolic dysfunctions. LifeForce Research has taken the lead in bridging the frequently conflictive worlds of standard or "allopathic" medicine and the "holistic" concepts of metabolic therapy and offers the best of both paradigms. LifeForce Research has cloned the term 3-D Medicine 1st dimension - medicine in the United States, 2nd dimension - medicine around the world, and 3rd dimension Alternative medicine. We try to offer, the best of all three worlds.

Company Profile.

Welcome to LifeForce Research, there's more hope today than ever before for patients who face the possibilities of cancer, cardiovascular, MS, metabolic dysfunctions, and allergies. Diagnostic and treatment advances have enabled patients to conquer these conditions and enjoy full, active lives. The key is finding the medical care to give you the best chance of cure. Knowledge is your best defense. Because we understand the emotional implications of illness, our physicians and staff bring sensitivity and support to each patient throughout the course of evaluation, treatment and follow-up care. Our staff is committed to providing you with the best possible care. We have treated over 2,000 patients in the past five years. Advanced oxidative therapy and Hyperbaric Medicine combined with experienced physicians provide you with comprehensive, integrated treatment. Some patients have been referred by their physician for further evaluation or treatment. Others have come to our facility directly, having experienced symptoms that cause them concern. If you were referred by another physician, we welcome the opportunity to work together with you and your doctor, staying in close communication following our evaluation or treatment.

Amyloxine® does not Kill Healthy Cell Tissue.


Contact Information

Americas - Europe - Asia

LifeForce Hospitals, Int. USA,Mexico      Español

Telephone Toll Free:  1-888-205-3262
FAX   1-888-205-3262
Postal address:   
LifeForce de Mexico, Int. - USA-Mexico
P.O.BOX 152333 , Austin, Tx 78715-2333
Electronic mail :
General Information:

LifForce Hospital, Int. CANADA Français

422 Redpath Ave.

Toronto, Ontario   Canada


Office Phone:  416-223-7879

USA Tel: 888-205-3262

LifeForce Hospitals - Europe   Italiano

Milano, Italy MI3

Tel  0335.244388  - 0348.7106064


USA Tel:  888-205-3262

LifeForce Hospitals - CHINA - ASIA                                                                             chi.gif (5120 bytes)

402 Pokfulam Road,

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region People's Republic of CHINA

tel:  2855-3737

Main Fax: 2817-5499

USA  tel: 888-205-3262

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